Solutions for Comcast & FiOS

comcast-verizonThinking about making the jump from Comcast (or Xfinity) to Verizon FiOS? Both services offer great HDTV service and blazing fast internet so you can get the most out of all of your electronic devices. If you’re thinking about getting Comcast or FiOS services in Annapolis, Maryland, call Colonial Electric today!

Note: Verizon FiOS is currently not available in all areas of Baltimore City or Baltimore County. It is available in most places in Annapolis. At Colonial Electric, we work side by side with Verizon or Comcast installers, installing all the wirings and the termination of the wires in your home. Simply put, we get the project started so you can enjoy the great picture and blazing fast internet provided by Comcast Xfinity or Verizon FiOS in your Annapolis, Maryland home!

Structured Data Cabling

The heart of every IT infrastructure system is its structured cabling – without it, things like voice and data, cable and closed circuit TV, access controls and security cameras would not work. And if they’re not installed properly, the systems won’t work as well as they’re supposed to! At Colonial Electric, we are the Baltimore / Annapolis, Maryland area’s structured cabling experts, and have installed structured cabling for IT solutions for businesses all across the area. If you want to upgrade your existing IT infrastructure or if you’re moving to (or adding) a new location and you need to install structured cabling to meet your growing information technology needs, call Colonial Electric today!

At Colonial Electric, we want to make sure the structured cabling for your IT center works perfectly, both now and in the future. Our approach is to first scope out your existing network requirements, taking into account how those requirements will evolve over time. Then we work with you to develop a structured cabling solution that works within your needs, budget and time frame. It doesn’t matter what type of service you need – from a few voice and data drops and testing and repair of existing fiber optic cable to outside plant cabling, power over Ethernet (PoE) systems for VoIP phones, wireless systems and more – let Colonial Electric be your structured cabling partners!

Colonial Electric can handle all of your structured cabling needs, including (but not limited to):

Structure Cabling
  • Copper and fiber
  • Inter-building backbones
  • Intra-building backbones
  • Horizontal links to the desktop
  • Open office design
  • Centralized cabling design
Voice-Data-Fiber-CATV-CCTV-Access Control
  • Category 6 Enhanced (10 Gig solution)
  • Category 6
  • Category 5 Enhanced
  • Category 3
  • Fiber optic
  • Surveillance/CCTV system services
  • Access Control System Services

Intercom and Phone Systems

While it may seem like land lines are becoming a thing of the past, they still provide a number of benefits over cellular phones – no spotty reception, no low batteries to deal with and no dropped calls to ruin your conversation, just to name a few! If you need phone wiring in your Baltimore or Annapolis home or office, call Colonial Electric today!

Wired & Wireless Intercom Systems

When it comes to simplifying communication and improving security in your home or office, nothing beats a well designed intercom system. Intercom systems allow you to identify visitors at the door, or talk to people around the house at the touch of a button. Your intercom installation can also be fitted with a number of upgrades, including:

  • Telephone Entry Systems
  • Hands-Free color video intercoms
  • Alarm monitoring
  • Photo ID Patching
  • Internet Browser

At Colonial Electric, we can install wired or wireless intercom systems in existing buildings or as part of new construction projects. Ultimately, the type you choose is up to you – wireless intercom systems are portable and less expensive when installed as a retrofit, but wired intercom systems are not subject to any interference. Whatever type of intercom installation you choose, make sure you call the electricians who will set it up right the first time – call Colonial Electric!

Phone & Intercom Wiring

Whether your office phone system needs 2 lines or 20, Colonial Electric can provide phone wiring to make sure that your home or business communications are smooth and easy. Some of our phone installation services include:

  • Hybrid Phone Systems
  • Extending Digital Circuits for Customers
  • ADSL
  • Private Local Access Network
  • T1 & Bonded T1
  • Phone Wiring Line Installation, Cabling
  • Business VoIP
  • Private WAN
  • Colocation
  • Telephone System Installation
  • Telephone System Upgrades, Moves, Changes and Repair.
  • Network/Ethernet Solutions
  • Voice Processing Systems

Our phone installation services are designed to improve communications in your office and help you further your business. If you need phone system installation in Baltimore or Annapolis, Maryland, call Colonial Electric today!

Phone System Repair

Are your phone conversations grainy or full of static? Do you get no dial tone when you pick up the phone? Call Colonial Electric! In addition to installing new phone systems, we also specialize in phone system repairs so that you can stay in touch day and night.

If you need phone wiring or intercom installation for your Baltimore or Annapolis, Maryland home or business, call Colonial Electric today!

Fire Alarm Systems

If you want to expand your IT capabilities, call Colonial Electric today! Our Baltimore and Annapolis, Maryland area electricians are structured cabling experts and can install structured cabling for voice and data that meets your budgetary, timing and infrastructure requirements both now and in the future.

As a home or business owner in Baltimore or Annapolis, Maryland, one of the smartest things you can do for yourself is install a fire alarm.

Fire alarms provide an almost instantaneous alert if a fire starts in your building, letting everyone know about the danger and helping them get to safety as quickly as possible. If you want to install a fire alarm in Baltimore or Annapolis, call Colonial Electric today!

Types of Fire Alarms

If you want to install a fire alarm system in your home or building, it’s important that you first figure out specifically which type of fire alarm system to install. Fire alarms can be broken down into two main categories – smoke detectors and heat detectors.

Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors raise an alarm when they sense smoke particles in the air. They are extremely sensitive, as anyone who’s ever had this type of fire alarm installed in their kitchen knows! If you’re going to install smoke detectors, you should install them in every bedroom and on every level in your home. There are two main types of smoke detectors, and while the distinction between the two isn’t huge it helps to know the difference anyway.

Photoelectric smoke detectors – this type of smoke detector uses a small beam of light that shines into a detection chamber. When smoke enters the chamber, the smoke scatters the light beam and sets off the alarm. This type of smoke detector works best against smoky fires. Ionization smoke detectors – this type of fire alarm reacts to ions created by flames during a fire. It is most useful for flaming fires. For best results, install a combination of ionization and photoelectric smoke detectors in your home or building.

Heat Detectors

Heat detecting fire alarms send an alert when they sense the heat from a fire. As a result, you should not install heat detecting fire alarms as your primary fire alarms. Instead, these should go in the kitchen or the attic, where steam and dust would cause normal smoke detectors to false alarm frequently.

Fire Alarm Safety Tips
  • When you install fire alarms, install them in every bedroom, outside every separate sleeping area and on every level in your home, including the attic and basement (remember to use a heat detector in the attic).
  • Interconnect all the smoke alarms in the house, so that when one goes off, they all go off.
  • Test your alarms monthly by pressing the TEST button.
  • If your fire alarms run on batteries instead of being hooked into your home’s main electrical system, replace those batteries annually. If your fire alarm starts chirping, that means it needs new batteries.
  • Replace all of your smoke alarms every 10 years.
  • If you or anyone in your family is deaf or hard of hearing, install smoke alarms with strobe lights or vibration devices to warn them too.

If you want to install a smoke alarm or install a fire alarm in Baltimore or Annapolis, Maryland, call Colonial Electric today!