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Our Mission is To Be the Best…

  • Exceeding the expectations of our customers every day — they mean everything to us and we will prove it to them with our actions.
  • Hiring and developing the right people — those with energy, passion, and ideas, who can embrace change and execute at the highest level.
  • Fostering a work environment where everyone feels like they are a part of something special and something bigger than themselves.
  • We believe that our families are one of the most important things in our lives.
  • We believe in treating one another like we would family.
  • We believe that we are a family at Colonial.
  • We believe that true success is only achieved with the help of others.
  • We believe in cooperating with one another to get the job done best.
  • We believe in sharing ideas with one another and with our clients in an attempt to continually improve relationships.
  • We believe in living up to our commitments.
  • We believe that all communications must be truthful.
  • We believe in treating people fairly.
  • We believe in being loyal to our Customers, our Company and each other.
  • We believe in an attitude that says we will do everything we can to get the job done best.
  • We believe in giving our best effort each and every day of our lives.
  • We believe in continually improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the work we do.
  • We believe in attracting the best employees.
  • We believe in continuing education and training so that we are always at the top of our game.
  • We believe in challenging our employees for new ideas and better ways to do business.
  • We believe in aligning rewards with performance.
  • We believe in maximizing returns on invested capital.
  • We believe in minimizing overhead costs and waste.
  • We believe in maintaining a strong balance sheet.