How can you ensure your pier wiring in Severna Park is up to code and done correctly?

Given the fact that Severna Park homes and communities are either directly on, or surrounded by water, it is no surprise that the boating community is and has been an important part of “Parkie” culture for decades. However, homeowners that have piers, boats and boat lifts directly on their property face strict code regulations and have unique electrical needs given the close proximity to the water.

Due to safety concerns, it is imperative to hire a Severna Park electrician company that is certified and experienced specifically in pier wiring and electric services near the water. As much as you and your family love HGTV, this is one Do-It-Yourself project to forgo. Why? As we mentioned previously, safety is the number one reason why you should not attempt to do your own pier wiring. Secondly, you want to ensure your pier wiring and/or boat lift electrical installation/repair is done correctly the first time. This could potentially save you thousands of dollars in future repair costs, as a result of incorrect installation or configuration.

From low voltage lighting to the heavy loads shore power circuits, our professional Severna Park pier wiring team have the experience and the expertise to ensure your pier and boat lift projects are up to code and done correctly. Plus, we offer warranties on all jobs, so if any issues arise with your pier wiring, we will promptly return to fix the issue.

In sum, wiring a dock or pier for lighting or a boat lift can be incredibly complicated and even dangerous. Call our team of Severna Park electricians for certified, professional and trustworthy electric work today! Free consultations available.